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Chartered Wealth Manager® (CWM®) is an international certification program in the field of Wealth Management, Private Banking and Financial Advisory Services. Wealth Management is one of the fastest growing and highly paid careers across the world. Being one of the fastest growing economies, India currently has around 1,00,000 families which fall in the Ultra High Net‐worth Bracket this is projected to grow to 2,50,000 by 2014‐15 (Source Kotak Mahindra and CRISIL Wealth Report). Assuming one Wealth Manager is handling approx. 100 clients we need at least 10,000 Chartered Wealth Managers in India immediately and around 25,000 in the next 2‐3 years.

Chartered Wealth Manager® (CWM®) is a mark of excellence granted to individuals who meet the stringent standards set by American Academy of Financial Management. It is the most prestigious and internationally accepted Wealth Management certification recognized and respected by the global financial community. CWM® Designation is the highest level of Designation in the field of Wealth Management worldwide with over 50,000 CWM® Designation Holders who are respected by consumers, professionals and industry.

CWM® program is ideal for professional and graduates looking to gain in‐depth knowledge of advising High Net‐Worth Individuals (HNI’S) on managing, growing, and transferring their wealth.

CWM® is for Financial Services Professionals, Existing Wealth Managers, Customer Relationship Managers, Insurance Advisors, Research Analyst, those looking to expand their careers in the Wealth Management and Financial Advisory, and graduates who want to be professionally and globally recognized.

In India all major Banks, NBFC’s, Brokerage Houses and Financial Services Companies have a Wealth Management Division with acute shortage of trained manpower in them.

Wealth Management is one of the fastest‐growing professions across the world and Wealth Managers are the most sought-after professionals by a fast-growing working population that earns well, and needs expert handling of their finances. There are plenty of opportunities with Banks, Asset Management Companies, Brokerage Houses, Stock Broking Companies and KPO’s who are seeking professionals with such expertise.

Wealth Managers offer expert advice on issues related to on shore and offshore wealth management including wealth preservation, wealth enhancement and wealth transfer. The job involves meeting and advising rich and the famous in Financial Matters and helping these individuals and families in preserving, growing, and transferring their wealth. Most Wealth Managers enjoy relatively low stress, have a high earning potential, and enjoy a high degree of workplace autonomy. The personal satisfaction element cannot be underestimated. Very often, independent Wealth Advisors find that people are just overwhelmed and need direction, so it is their job to listen, understand their situation and offer some options that will help them. It gives them a satisfaction enabling people to do better, not just about their finances but about blending the financial side with the other sides of clients’ lives so that they can achieve their goals.

Wealth Management is one of the fastest growing and highest paid segments in the Financial Services Industry. To succeed in this demanding and highly rewarding field requires that an individual has high level of technical expertise coupled with incredibly good social and communication skills. CWM® Designation focuses on developing a Complete Professional ready to enter the Wealth Management Domain with the requisite skills.


  • Develops skills, knowledge, and attitude of the employees.
  • Increases the “ADVICE QUALITY” of the Financial Advisors.
  • Demonstrates the quality of Advisors to the client.
  • Helps the organisation in achieving global standards and cutting-edge knowledge


  • Increases technical and product knowledge
  • Enhances Client Management Skills
  • Deepens Client Relationship and allows word of mouth publicity
  • Creates Job and Career Opportunities

This pathway is specifically designed for the candidates who are holding 3 years of minimum prior relevant work experience, can directly appear for Level 2 examination but the candidate has to undergo the training of both the levels of examination. For details of relevant work experience please refer to the Education Delivery Model of AAFM India.

The candidate wishing to apply under the experience pathway should send his application form along with detailed resume enumerating his work experience and details of his job profile. The candidate should also provide the proofs of the relevant work experience. Please note AAFM India does not entertain any direct registrations all such applications must be routed through Authorised Education Providers.

The study material and the examinations are in English.

Upon the award of your certification, you are waived from Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements for the 1st year. From the 2nd year onwards, you are required to complete 30 CPD hours annually to keep your status as a Certified Member and a member‐in‐good standing status.

The CPD requirement can be met through various activities like Industry publication subscription, Research contribution, Presentations & trainings, Tradeshows & seminars, and other professional qualifications. For details refer to the AAFM India website.

You would be required to maintain your record of CPD activity in your My AAFM India login account, 10% of AAFM India members will be selected for the annual random audit. When requested, you should submit the evidence of the CPD via email. Evidence may include a receipt, course materials, certificate, etc.

Compulsory Pathway: Minimum Time period is 5 Months.

Experience Pathway: Minimum Time period is 2 Months.

Maximum time allowed to complete the program is 3 years subject to registration being renewed by the student. In case the student is unable to clear the program in 3 years he would not be given credit for any exams cleared during the period.

Candidates need to apply for the CWM® Certification within 90 Days of Clearing Level 2 Exam. If a candidate fails to do so he will have to reappear for level 2 exam again.