About Us

Awarded Law Firm of the Year

We at the DESAI FINSOL, in the practice of delivering a full range of financial products and services to clients, so that those clients can achieve specific financial goals.


Our mission is to remove all possible financial complications.Aligning all critical resources and providing creative solutions.At the same time, you get inspiration to keep faith and trust in us. We make clients free to enjoy their lives.


Our vision is to increase the importance of planning and especially money planning by planning their money and converting unplanned expenditure of money into planned expenditure.

Our Services

Wealth Management encompasses all areas of your financial life. We focus on your complete financial situation and offer tools to help you achieve financial independence. We employ a series of steps in helping you reach your financial dreams, and the cycle continues as we provide long term support for your financial goal

Gathering Data

We start by taking a fresh, close look at your current financial situation. Together we gather information and examine you’re...

Establishing Objectives

Once we have a clear understanding, together we determine what your financial goals and objectives are. We never...

Processing and Analyzing Information

Once the objectives have been identified, we begin the process of analyzing your financial information to develop a strategy...

Recommending a Total Plan

Upon completion of analysis, we can provide an outline of an overall strategy. With our previous experience and training...

Implementing the Plan

The best plan is worthless without proper implementation so in this critical step we walk with you to put the plan in action...

Monitoring the Plan

The wealth management process does not end with the implementation of the plan. We continue to monitor the progress...

Our Product

Wealth Management encompasses all areas of your financial life. We focus on your complete financial situation and offer tools to help you achieve financial independence. 

Insurance : Life and General

Insurance is a contract, represented by a policy, in which an individual or entity receives financial protection or reimbursement against losses from an insurance company.

Stock Broking

stockbroking is a service which gives retail and institutional investors the opportunity to buy and sell equities.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) Lending

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending enables individuals to obtain loans directly from other individuals, cutting out the financial institution as the middleman.

Real Estate Investment

We are providing facilities for individual investors to earn dividends from real estate investments without having to buy, manage, or finance any properties themselves.

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is an investment vehicle where many investors pool their money to earn returns on their capital over a period.

Fixed Income instruments: Fix Deposit, Corporate FDs & Bonds

Catering to our conservative investors who need fix and regular income and also who wants to diversify their portfolio as well as looking for safer investment.

Loans and Project Finance

A loan is a form of debt incurred by an individual or other entity. The lender—usually a corporation, financial institution, or government—advances a sum of money to the borrower.

What Our Clients Say

"A very sharp advice on all kind of investments and future planing for Wealth creation."
Nikhil Bhatt
"Whenever I need advice for fund investment, my choice will DESAI FINSOL."
Rohit Sinha